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Nokia’s final Android tease before MWC launch?

A green X appears on Nokia’s MWC 2014 blog, while a full-on marketing photo is leaked online

It’ll be one of the worst-kept secrets in recent mobile history if and when Nokia unveils its new Android smartphone at MWC 2014, nicknamed the Nokia X. While Nokia seems content to keep teasing us with breadcrumbs, this time adding a green-coloured X formed from four arrows to its MWC blog, yet another press image has been leaked via evleaks on Twitter.

Nokia teases the Nokia X Android smartphone

Above: Nokia’s latest, and perhaps final, tease of the upcoming Nokia X smarthpone

Below: A rather more revealing photo, as leaked on Twitter

Nokia X revealed in press shouts leaked on Twitter


The revelation that Nokia was working on an Android mobile was distinctly eyebrow-lifting, given Microsoft’s recent buy-out. However, rumours abound that the Nokia X is a budget handset that will only see daylight in various developing markets, which means no UK release. At the moment it’s all speculation, but we’ll know all the details on Monday 24 at 7.30pm UK time.

Until then, why not amuse yourself with our full MWC 2014 break-down, with all the big news and rumours ahead of next week’s expo.


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