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Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 models: Nokia W7 and Nokia W8?

We’ve been told it could take some time before we see the first fruits of the Microsoft-Nokia union, but Eldar Murtazin claims to have gotten his hands on some early prototypes.

According to the serial Nokia secret-spiller, the Nokia W7 will be similar to the X7, Nokia’s recently announced entertainment-centric handset.

Interestingly, the second rumoured handset, the Nokia W8 will be based on Nokia’s N8, and will hopefully arrive with the great camera setup found inside the Symbian-powered phone

The Nokia phones will have to follow Microsoft’s minimum Windows Phone 7 requirements, which means Qualcomm processors, but Murtazin said through Twitter that the full technical specifications for the Nokia Windows Phones were still to be confirmed.

Accord to sources, another prototype discussed included a full-sized hard keyboard, which would come up against other keyboard-packed WP7 handsets like the HTC 7 Pro and the Dell Venue Pro.

A fourth model will aim itself at a lower price, with a cheaper touchscreen, and composed of “cheaper body materials”, while still fulfilling the minimum WinPho7 requirements.

Eldar says that Nokia is set to launch 12 different handsets throughout 2012, so there’ll certainly be plenty of choice for Nokia fans willing to take the plunge with Windows Phone 7, or reversely, for Windows Phone 7 fans willing to take the plunge with Nokia.

Via: Engadget

Source Habrahabr , Eldar Murtazin


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