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Nokia’s Ovi Maps to include reviews from TripAdvisor

Maps are good. Great, even. But they have their limits. They can help you find your way from A to B, but they can’t tell you if B is, for example, a decent hotel or a flea-infested doss-house. Now that’s coming too.

Nokia has announced a deal with travel website TripAdvisor, which will see the latter launching its own app on the Ovi Store. However, the more interesting part of the deal will see TripAdvisor’s data built into Nokia’s own Ovi Maps app.

That means from within Ovi Maps, you’ll be able to search for hotels, restaurants and other tourist hotspots near your current location, filtering them by rating, distance and price.

Nokia isn’t the only company doing this, of course. Google is already tying all kinds of web data into its Google Maps apps and mobile website through its new Places initiative. It’s just another sign of the way mobile mapping is getting smarter.


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