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Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 device leaked: ‘Sea Ray’ images and video

It was bound to happen at some point; the first clear indications of what Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 debut looks like have been leaked.

These pictures and videos come courtesy of, who uploaded the goods despite Stephen Elop kindly asking the assembled to put their camera phones away at a recent press event.

Wishful thinking! Luckily for everybody who wasn’t there, the technet guys have uploaded a video, from where the pictures were screengrabbed.

The device is described by Elop as being a ‘fully functional Windows Phone 7 device’ with a Gorilla Glass screen, 8-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a ‘pillow-shaped backing’ curved case.

Codenamed ‘Sea Ray’ (or See-Wray? C-Rey?) for now, we’re guessing that Nokia will come up with a snappier title before it hits the shelves. Still, it’s nice looking no? A bit like a Nokia N9 running WP7 – not a bad thing at all in our books.

The video below just gives you a little snippet of the phone – for the full 20 minute vid, head over to the site.


Via: Engadget


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