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Nokia’s Windows Phone 7: Is this it?

Nokia’s press conference this week didn’t show off any real hardware, but focused more on explaining Nokia’s new strategy, and the direction Nokia were going with Microsoft.

The main highlight of what they showed though was several shots of some preliminary mock-ups of how the children of the Nokia and Microsoft union may well look.

We don’t think they look too bad. While Windows Phone 7 still has some growing to do, we like the look of that electric blue badboy. A thinnish profile, sublte phyiscal buttons, with a sharper profile on the back, but also echoing Nokia’s C6-01 coming through, it’ll all backed up by the stylish WinPho7 interface running with the growing Windows Marketplace and Bing integrated inside.

Sounds good to us, Bung in some of the N8’s camera goodness, and you may have us. Come on Nokia, take those risks!


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