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Non-Apple micro-SIM cards coming to mystery Vodafone handsets?

The micro-SIM has been an Apple staple since the iPhone 4 released last year, but now tech detectives Pocket-Lint have been tipped by Vodafone that it has begun production of generic micro-SIMs for use in other mobile devices.

Wait, come back!

The reason why this is interesting (and we promise that it is), is because Vodafone are being so cagey about what the Micro-SIMs are going to be used for. Apple is currently the only company that uses the technology, but produces its own micro-SIM cards, so Vodafone’s new generic SIMs can’t be for Apple products. See where we’re going with this? Vodafone may have just spilled the beans on a completely unannounced phone or tablet that they say is coming “in the near future.”

Pocket-Lint has already done all the detective work for us (boo!), and concluded that Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson and HTC have announced and/or launched all the mobiles we’ve got wind of this year, leaving the two possible candidates as Nokia and Samsung, the former in its Windows 7 partnership phones and the latter possibly in its Nexus Prime. Could either of these releases out-slim the iPhone 4 with the adoption of a micro-SIM? More when we hear it.

You can read Pocket-Lint’s original piece of Columbo-esque reasoning here.