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Not going to Silverstone? Download these Formula 1 apps

Wimbledon has come and gone and now the British public is gearing up for the next great sporting event of the year. Thousands of fans have already flocked to Silverstone in anticipation of Sunday’s race and it looks like attendance levels will reach an all time-high.

If you’re not one of the many who’ve camped out or won’t be watching the live broadcast, but want to keep tabs on the action, check out these. It’ll be just like you’re actually there! Kind of.

F1 2011 Timing App CP – iPhone, iPad, Android

Developed by Soft Pauer, who also make a timing app for MotoGP, F1 2011 Timing App CP is a highly polished and sophisticated app.

It features rich, full 3D maps of tracks that you can spin, pan and zoom around in, but it also allows you to see the position of every driver on the track as they’re racing.

This gives you a continuous birds eye view of the action, as well as the option to select a driver to follow around the race track. Perfect if you’re watching the action from home and get frustrated when the camera angle switches to a different angle or driver.

So in this sense it’s an ideal companion if you’re watching the race and a good example of how two screen viewing can work.

As well as this, you get a live leaderboard which constantly updates with live timing data along with live text commentary. So if you’re not near a TV and you’re somewhere you’d rather not be on Sunday, you can keep your iPhone or Android phone in your pocket and steal sneaky glances every now and then.

As this is a premium app, it carries a premium price tag; £19.99 for both the iOS (3.1+) and Android editions. The iPhone/iPad versions work on 3.1+ whereas the Android version should work on all phones running 1.6 or above. 2011 – iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry

If you’re just after a dedicated timings notifier and Formula 1 news app, then the official 2011 app will do the job for you.

It might not boast the slick 3D maps of Soft Pauer’s app, but it delivers the essentials and it’s free.

Available for iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones and BlackBerries, the app includes circuit info, weather conditions (humidity levels, wind speed/direction, track and air temperatures) and all-important lap times and driver positions.

The app supports push notifications, so you’ll always be keep in the loop of recent developments and other essential news when the app is running in the background.

Though the app is free to download, you’ll need to be be registered at to log in to the app; to sign up click here.

If you’ve not got an iOS, Android or BlackBerry device then you can still keep up with the action by going to on phone’s browser.

Finally, and though this isn’t related, we thought we’d share this viral video from Vodafone that we spotted last week; Lewis Hamilton and Jensen Button pursuing a different career should the whole being a racing driver thing not work out…


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