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Now you can legit keep your iPhone in your underwear

As if people don’t already do enough unpleasant things with their phone (FaceTime porn, tweeting from the toilet and so on), they can now keep their handset in their pants.

Their English pants, we should say, also known as underwear. These ScottEvest Travel Boxers come equipped with a smartphone sized pocket for when you just can’t bring yourself to get dressed or carry your phone in your hand. 

As Scott Jordan, CEO of the company responsible and underwear model, says, “Like a lot of guys, I sleep with my iPhone on the nightstand. But in between using the phone as a nightlight to find the bathroom, making coffee in the morning and checking my email, there was no place to put my phone.”

Yes, and in your pants is a really hygienic solution. Note to self: never borrow a phone from a boy ever again, just in case. [Gear Junkie via Gizmodo]


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