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Nuance T9 Write: Multi-touch touchscreen handwriting

Nuance T9 Write combines handwriting recognition and mutli-touch gestures. You write words with your fingers instead of a stylus and can easily edit them with a series of simple gestures and actions. Single finger swipes delete individual characters, much like a single tap of the backspace key on a standard desktop keyboard.

Swiping the screen with two fingers deletes an entire word akin to holding control and shift, pressing left and then deleting. A full-handed swipe deletes the entire message a la Ctrl + A, delete. Let’s hope there’s a Ctrl + Z option for accidental deletions.

Newbie Nuanceers can flip between this kind of gesture-driven action and traditional Qwerty typing. Having fallen in love with the gesture-based browsing offered by the Dolphin Browser on Android, we’re looking forwards to testing out Nuance T9 Write for ourselves.