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Numark’s iDJ app builds mixtapes from your iPad music library

One of the side-effects of the iPod/iPhone revolution is the fact that anyone can play DJ nowadays. With iDocks now a standard feature in many new hi-fis, the average house party will have three or four guests itching to take over with their own tunes.

Good or bad? Well, that depends on their taste, obviously. But DJ tech firm Numark has just released an iPad app that should at least ensure better mixes.

iDJ lets you create ‘instant, continuous mixtapes’ from the music stored on your iPad, with whizzy BPM detection to ensure that songs flow into one another properly, doing your beat-matching for you.

Up to four songs can be mixed at once, and each playlist can contain as many songs as you like. The app is the result of a partnership between Numark and DJ software firm MixMeister, so it’s got heavyweight credentials.


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