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Nvidia ‘Grey’ multi-core chips heading for Windows Phone in 2013

Nvidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core processor chip is largely synonymous with Android tablets and select high-end Android ‘superphones’. But it looks like Windows Phone devices of the future will be getting some Nvidia love in 2013, according to a leaked roadmap.

German site managed to lay its paws on an internal roadmap which shows that Windows Phone tablets and smartphones are due to come with the new ‘Grey’ multi-core processors in 2013. This is round about the time that the codenamed ‘Wayne’ chip (ten times more powerful than the Tegra 2) should be appearing in Android devices.

By then, Windows Phone 8 Apollo should have landed, features of which presumably require multi-core CPUs for mutlitasking and powerful GPUs. Interesting to see that the ‘Grey’ block includes both ‘Tablets, Superphones’ as well as ‘Smartphones’ on the roadmap as well.


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Source: WP Central