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Nvidia Shield Tablet now comes in a limited-edition Hearthstone flavour

To celebrate Hearthstone hitting Android, Nvidia has conjured up a special custom-made Shield Tablet, rocking artwork from the game. We went hands-on with the tablet and proved how hard we suck at card games…

We’ve already bigged up Nvidia’s Shield Tablet as the greatest mobile gaming experience out there, and now fans of Hearthstone can bag themselves a seriously cool limited edition model sporting art from the game splashed across the rear.

The limited edition Hearthstone Shield Tablet is identical to the standard edition in every way, from the glorious Full HD 8-inch screen to the specs packed inside, until you flip the thing over. The entire rear side has been spruced up with an attractive piece of artwork from the game, which really helps it to stand out from the usual dull-as-dishwater plain black tablets.

That artwork is actually a sticker/transfer which has been lovingly laid over the back of the Shield Tablet, so you can remove it at a later date if you fall out of love with Hearthstone. Our boxed model also came with a second transfer, featuring the same artwork but a cool hologram-style surface that sadly didn’t photograph too well.

Hearthstone is free to download from Google Play right now and can be bagged via Nvidia’s own online store, which acts as a portal to all of the games optimised for play on Shield. The collection is growing weekly and now includes Half Life 2: Episode One and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.

We were still Hearthstone virgins until the tablet arrived in the post, but the game has stacked up some massively positive reviews, so we gave it a download and got stuck in. On the most basic level, Hearthstone is a game all about building a strong deck of cards and then playing these cards against your opponents in one-on-one battles. You can conjur up monsters to defend or attack, as well as casting spells against your enemies to whittle down their health.

Hearthstone runs beautifully on the Shield Tablet, but it’s a game that needs some serious dedication. We felt a bit cocky after breezing through the tutorial levels, but playing online against fellow gamers soon proved that we needed a lot more practice, plus a stronger deck of cards (built up through experience). Still, thanks to the gorgeous presentation and strangely addictive gameplay, we’re not too worried about pumping in a few hours of graft.

Are you a Hearthstone champion? Feel free to leave us some tips in the comments section below.


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