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NVIDIA storms CES with Tegra 2 dual core processor

This year’s CES has been dominated by phone and tablet news (as well as an insane amount of 3D), but whilst it might be the likes of Motorola and LG basking in the glory, there’s one company that is definitely the power behind the throne. And it’s a company that you’re probably going to hear a lot more about – NVIDIA.

It’s all thanks to the new Tegra 2 dual core processor. It might not sound sexy, but NVIDIA promises it’s going to lead to people looking for a ‘Tegra phone’, rather than plumping by manufacturer. It makes sense – these new Tegra 2-based phones will allow you to run numerous applications at the same time, play games which will rival your console for quality, and all the while, save you valuable battery spend. It’s the processor behind this year’s most exciting CES phone announcements, including the LG Optimus 2X and the Motorola Atrix. And it means we can all luxuriate in the new breed of ‘Super Phones’.

NVIDIA is well known amongst PC gamers, and it’s this base that the company hope is going to benefit most from the creation of the Tegra Zone, which will feature on all the handsets using Tegra 2. In this tab within the Android OS, you’ll find the best in class games, which will demonstrate just how powerful this technology is. Whether you want first person shooters or the ultimate platform game, this is the place to go to get it. AKA you won’t find Angry Birds in it.

And if NVIDIA is about to become a byword for performance in the heady world of mobile phones, that goes double in the automotive industry. The same people that will make sure you enjoy lag free HD content on your mobile could just be the people making sure you stay safe on the roads. With a partnership with Audi, BMW and Tesla to put Tegra 2 in their cars, your car could soon just be a computer on wheels, complete with multimedia goodness.

And it appears this is not just talk – this week has seen NVIDIA’s share price rise by 25%. The smart money really is on NVIDIA to own 2011. 


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