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NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor meets Ice Cream Sandwich on an ASUS Transformer Prime

Would you look at what we have here, Ice Cream Sandwich running on a tablet, and not just any tablet, it’s the tablet everybody and their mother wants a piece of – the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime.

In a bid to illustrate some features found in Android 4.0 and showcase their mighty Tegra 3, NVIDIA uploaded this gem onto YouTube not long ago. Kicking off with a long shot of the ASUS Transformer Prime itself, running what looks to be Honeycomb, as the long shot turns into a hands-on, the settings are opened up and all is revealed – Ice Cream Sandwich.

To highlight the Ice Cream Sandwich functionality, the demonstrator drops one app on top of another to make a folder – as seen on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. With folders missing on all iterations of Honeycomb, this is a welcome addition to the Android tablet.

Finally, unashamedly showing off what the power behind Tegra 3 is capable of, we’re treated to a super-smooth 1080p trailer that opens up instantaneously and a game of Riptide using all four cores to power its impressive visuals and non-existent start-up times. 

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer will be shipping with Honeycomb in January here in the UK for £499. With no word as to when it will be getting the Android 4.0 update you see in the video, if this is what has been accomplished in the three days since ICS was released, we have high hopes Transformer Prime owners will be getting some Ice Cream Sandwich shortly after.


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