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Nyan Cat games hits App Store and Android Market

If Cut The Rope wasn’t enough in the cute games stakes, we’ve just spotted these awesomely silly Nyan Cat games on App Store and Android Market.

As you might be able to tell, these games are based on the internet meme/YouTube video of the same name.

Though both games are slightly different in style and presentation, they’re essentially the same. You pilot the famous rainbow-farting cat through the cosmos, dodging various obstacles and crudley animated baddies along the way.

Marc Ellis’ iPhone game features a Sky Attack survival mode as well as a free roaming mode called ‘Nyanstop’ which allows you to “fly freely through space painting the stars with your rainbow of happiness.”

We liked that in the Android game you got nine lives to start with (natch). The developer butcher has released free ad-supported and paid versions, and says that an ‘infinity mode’ is coming soon. God help us.

If you’ve not heard of or seen Nyan Cat yet, then you’re obviously not responsible for any of the 19 million views (and counting) that this video has racked up.

As well as these games, we thought that Nyan Cat aficionados would enjoy this video of American children’s reactions to the video.


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