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O2 reveals LTE pricing, starting from £26 a month

Vodafone was quick to announce pricing for its LTE service last week, but O2 kept things under wraps when it announced its own intent to offer the super speedy service at the end of the month. The carrier has now provided some basic pricing – spotted by PC Advisor – giving customers a rough idea of what they might end up paying.

O2 has revealed pricing for its O2 Refresh tariff along with the 12 month Simplicity SIM only plan. The network will be offering unlimited calls, texts, and 1GB of data starting from £22 per month, with 5GB and 8GB data options bumping the price up to £27 and £32 respectively. O2 will only be offering 5GB and 8GB of data until October 31st, though. After that, customers will be allotted 3GB and 5GB. And that’s just the base Refresh tariff without the handset costs included. O2 says that you can expect to pay between £10 and £25 on top of that depending on which phone you want.

The SIM only plan, meanwhile, is roughly in line with what Vodafone is offering. The same unlimited calls, texts, and 1GB plan will cost £26 a month, with pricing increasing to £31 and £36 for 5GB or 8GB of data. Once again, the data allowance will drop to 3GB and 5GB after October 31st.

O2 and Vodafone are both due to launch their LTE networks on August 29th, almost a full year after EE introduced the new wireless technology to the UK market. Both networks are trying to compete on price and added benefits, but LTE access brings an increased monthly cost no matter which network you choose. Three, meanwhile, is expected to launch its own LTE service before the end of the year.


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