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Sony Xperia SP and Nokia Lumia 925 added to O2’s ‘Charger out of the Box’ initiative

It was only late last year that HTC and O2 partnered up to offer the latest phones without chargers in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, but now two more manufacturers have signed up to the scheme. O2 says that Sony and Nokia have also jumped on board the “Charger out of the box” bandwagon, with the Xperia SP and Lumia 925 the next handsets to ditch chargers.

According to O2, 82% of customers bought HTC phones without chargers when the scheme was originally launched – not bad at all. Naturally, the network is trying to coax other phone companies into joining the scheme and has successfully landed Sony and Nokia. Sony will soon launch the Xperia SP without a charger in the box on O2, and Nokia will do the same when the Lumia 925 goes on sale next month.

Naturally, the phones will come with microUSB cables, and O2 will offer wall chargers in-store if you’re desperate for one. Still, O2 says that 70% of customers already have a USB wall charger than they can use across almost every phone on the market, so removing them from new handsets will only help to cut down on waste.

O2 isn’t stopping at HTC, Sony, and Nokia. The company wants not just manufacturers, but also other networks to join the scheme. Convincing phone makers is one thing, but trying to twist the arms of rivals is another thing entirely.


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