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O2 gets generous to say sorry for network outage

O2 stepped on a lot of customers’ toes last week after both their 2G and 3G networks inexplicably dropped out of action. Not only did many of O2’s 23 million UK customers lose connectivity for voice, texts and data on their phones but the likes of GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile customers also fell prey to the outages as they share O2 network system.

The outage lasted for around 24 hours, with 2G signal being restored around 15 hours in and 3G fully working later. It was pointed out by Sophia King, solicitor with Thomas Eggarr LLP, that as stated in the terms of O2’s contracts, their network isn’t without fault and as such, when things go awry, they cannot be held responsible.

Sorry O2

Despite it looking as though customers would be unable to successfully claim against their faulty carrier, the company has responded with a significant goodwill gesture and have been systematically messaging their customers to tell them that compensation will come into effect as of September 1st.

On the company’s blog, O2 outlined the benefits included in the compensation on its way to customers. For all Pay Monthly contracts, O2 is offering 10% off their July usage, which will come out in their September billing. Meanwhile, PAYG customers will receive 10% extra on their first top-up in September.  Neither offering requires any extra action on the part of the consumer.

Across the board O2 is also doling out £10 vouchers to spend in O2 stores anytime, which can be picked up online or via the carrier’s Priority Moments app, for use within September.


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