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O2 offers FourSquare-style discounts using SMS not GPS

Location-based discount offers are all well and good if you have a fancy smartphone with GPS and 3G and all that jazz. But what if you’re phone is a little older, or you’ve purposely chosen a phone without all the bells and whistles? You don’t want to miss out on those juicy discounts, do you?

Well, if you’re on O2, then you won’t. Yesterday, the network rolled out a project that will see O2 customers able to receive deals by text message when they’re near Starbucks and Superdrug outlets.

When customers come within approximately a mile of a Starbucks, they’ll receive a text message with a discount on Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. And when near a Superdrug outlet, an offer will come through for L’Oreal Elvive hair care products.

The project works through geo-fencing which means that invisible boundaries are set and a notification is triggered when a person enters that location. You don’t need to have a GPS enabled phone, though, because your location is determined by O2’s network instead.

Don’t worry about receiving a multitude of messages though, the offers are capped at one a day. To take advantage of these deals, you’ll need to be an O2 customer and have opted in to the O2 More offers scheme. [via GigaOm]


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