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O2 offers Samsung Monte complete with Iron Man for your viewing pleasure

If you’re an Iron Man fan in need of a new mobile phone then boy, do we have the deal for you. From May 1st for a limited time, O2 is selling the Samsung Monte complete with Iron Man pre-loaded onto a bundled SD card.

It might not have escaped your notice that Iron Man 2 is out on April 30th, and the Monte will also have some exclusive content from the sequel alongside its full-length predecessor. How convenient.

Julie Wright from Paramount Digital Entertainment explains the bundle by saying, “Movies are a great way to showcase the cinematic qualities of the mobile phone.” Now, forgive us, but mobile phones don’t actually possess cinematic qualities – tiny screen, solo viewing, lack of popcorn vendor. Let’s call a spade a spade here people.

Still, we’ll grudgingly admit that sometimes it’s handy to be able to watch films on our phones – particularly when travelling. The Monte’s 3-inch screen shouldn’t have you squinting too badly, but don’t be expecting HD-quality as the resolution isn’t amazing. And, as it’s a touchscreen phone, you might want to give it a wipe to avoid sullying Robert Downey Jr’s lovely face with a big greasy fingerprint.

It’s not the greatest free gift ever to come with a mobile phone purchase, but since you can get the Monte for free on a £15 per month contract, you could do worse. Careful though, if you want unlimited web access you’ll have to opt for the £30 a month contract – something to consider if you’re hoping to make regular use of the Monte’s social networking facilities.

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