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O2 reveals most eco-friendly phones: Nokia comes top.

O2 has announced its top-rated eco phones, and the table is dominated by Nokia, which takes both first and joint-second place.

Launched in August 2010, O2’s Eco rating gets assigned to every device they sell, and gets scored out of 5.

You’ll find ratings for around 90% of O2’s devices on their online store and in shops, although Apple’s iPhone is conspicuously not participating, and given its dubious environmental and labour records…

Both Samsung and Sony Ericsson have models in the top six.

1st Nokia C6-01
1st Nokia E7
2nd Samsung Galaxy Mini
2nd Samsung Galaxy Ace
2nd Sony Ericsson Xperia X8
2nd Nokia C7

O2 have allied themselves with sustainability experts Forum for the Future, and their eco ratings are drawn from several different criteria; these include the raw materials used, its packaging, energy efficiency and how easily it can be recycled.

It also includes the extent to which a device will help people live more sustainably, whether a phone could replace multiple devices- like a digital camera- or aiding access to public transport.

Ethical guidelines include labour standards through out production, even the manufacturer’s social inclusion and community programmes, it’s a relatively comprehensive ranking system.

Simon Lee-Smith, O2’s Head of Devices, said, “Although the environmental impact of a mobile phone may seem trivial when compared to say a car or fridge, when you consider the vast volumes of mobiles in circulation across the globe, their impact adds up.

“We know more and more customers want this level of product transparency and we’re very grateful to the handset manufacturers for their engagement with Eco rating.”

You can find out more information on O2’s eco-ratings here.


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