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O2 Total Connectivity for iPhone: Comes with broadband

Are you and your iPhone inseparable? Would you like free home broadband? Thought so. As of today new and existing iPhone 3G or 3GS pay monthly customers on O2 who purchase the 3GB tethering bolt-on can sign up for free broadband. Not bad, ey?

The iPhone tethering bolt-on turns your iPhone into a mobile broadband dongle, which can then use to surf the Web on your laptop. This O2 deal, called Total Connectivity for iPhone,  costs £9.79 a month, which we think is pretty reasonable.

If you already have an O2 broadband package, including premium or pro, then you can claim a monthly discount of £7.34 when taken with the Total Connectivity for iPhone plan. This offer is open until the 31st of December and only available in areas where O2 Broadband is operating.

O2 standard broadband gives you top download speeds of 8Mbps and unlimited downloads. Surfers with a need for speed can instead sign up for the Premium and Pro O2 Broadband packages which provide top speeds of 16Mbps and 20Mbps.



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