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Oblong tablets are so passe. Triangular tabs are the way forwards (video)

If you think that tablet innovation stopped with hybrid devices like the Asus Eee Transformer and the Padphone then think again.

American paper manufacturers Dunder Mifflin are about to do to the tablet market what PG Tips did to the humble cup of tea; turn things on its head by making everything triangle-shaped. Yes that’s right; square-shaped tablets are for squares; Dunder Mifflin’s Pyramid tablet is the future.

This revolutionary device comes with a massive 50L of internal memory and weighs just 3lbs. Take that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1!

Three is the magic number

Sadly, this isn’t a reality; it’s a sketch from the US version of The Office. A shame, as we’ve totally got room for a triangular tab in our lives. And think about how many MP3’s you could store in 50L!

Check out the video skit embedded below (warning: annoyingly long unskippable advert at the start).

Whatever your thoughts on the US version of The Office are (disclaimer: we like it) we wonder how things might have turned out if Wernham Hogg (aka The Office UK) was working a tablet.

Eagle-eyed rumour readers might remember that the HTC Sensation was originally thought to be called the HTC Pyramid.

HTC’s UK HQ is based in Slough, a stone’s throw away from where Wernham Hogg has its offices. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

We’ve heard a rumour that HTC is working on a customised Flyer in the shape of David Brent’s head. Stay tuned for more info on this as we get it.

Source: NBC via Phandroid