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Oculus Go: Full tour and AYNTK

The Oculus Go is a new standalone VR headset, hitting the UK in 2018. You don’t need to slip your smartphone inside to experience virtual reality games and apps. Rather, this device has its own built-in screen and chipset, so it works right out of the box. Here’s our full Oculus Go AYNTK, including our unboxing, hardware tour and setup guide.

Oculus Go unboxing and AYNTK video

We’ve gone hands-on with the Oculus Go and so far we’re pretty impressed with this VR visor. You can check out the full setup process and our first impressions of the headset in the below video, where we also discuss the design and specs.

Oculus Go specs

This standalone headset boasts its own 5.5-inch LCD screen, so you don’t need to slip your smartphone inside. And as it’s a Quad HD display (packing 538 pixels-per-inch), you can expect gloriously crisp visuals.

Likewise, a Qualcomm chipset is built into the device. It’s the older Snapdragon 821 platform, although that’s no great shakes. Remember that there are no background tasks to power, so the performance is 100 percent concentrated on the virtual reality experience. So far it seems perfectly smooth, helped by the 3GB of RAM.

You should get 2 hours of gaming per charge, or 2.5 hours of media streaming. You can download apps and games via the Oculus Store, or stream your own video using Oculus Gallery.

Oculus Go UK price and release date

The Oculus Go will be released in the UK later in 2018, although an exact date is not currently known. We’re hoping for some time around Summer however, as the preorders are already open.

Prices start at £199 for the 32GB model, rising to £249 for the 64GB model. Unfortunately there’s no way to expand that storage and no higher storage models available to pre-order. However we’d expect a 128GB model to be launched some time later in 2018 or 2019.



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