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Ofcom rules that customers can leave their contracts without penalty if prices increase

Being alive is expensive. Rents are going up, energy bills are set to increase by as much as 10%, and your phone contract may very well rise in the near future too. Some customers would end up being locked into a pricey and lengthy contract, but Ofcom has given UK subscribers an exit strategy with its latest statement.

The regulatory body says that networks will have to let a customer out of their existing contract without any penalties if their monthly bill increases. Carriers will have to give their customers 30 days notice before raising the price of any contracts. If a customer then decides that they don’t want to play ball, then the network has to let them leave without incurring any costs. Ofcom says that new policy will go into effect in three months.

Needless to say, it’s an excellent move from Ofcom. The networks are vying for your custom right now thanks to recent 4G LTE launches, but that doesn’t mean that prices won’t go up in the future. If they do, then you can rest easy knowing that you can leave without any issues.


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