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O2 has the happiest customers,Three the unhappiest

According to a study recently conducted by Ofcom regarding complaints by customers of the leading UK mobile networks, O2 saw the fewest number of complaints, whilst Three the highest between October 2012 and June 2012 across both PAYG and pay monthly mobile customers.

The study observed the number of complaints across the major UK networks which include: Three, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone, using data from each carrier’s pay monthly and PAYG customers. Based on the results, if you’re a PAYG user on O2, you’re amongst some of the happiest mobile users in the UK.

Ofcom mobile complaints report graph

Interestingly the focus of the complaints, which were predominantly over the quality of customer services and disputed charges, saw an extreme weight towards networks’ pay monthly customers with only 5% of complaints relating to PAYG customers. PAYG complaints were in fact so low that they clocked up less than 30 a month with in the eyes of Ofcom, wasn’t a big enough sample size to officially include in their research.

Going forward, with the launch of EE and the introduction of 4G in the UK, the likelihood of complaints from the various carries will shift as users move to 4G capable networks (not all UK carriers will offer 4G immediately) and encounter new problems with new hardware, new data bills and new services.


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