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As a nation we’re talking less and browsing more

As we send more text messages and email, fewer phone calls are being made according to a new report from Ofcom.

96 per cent of 16-24 year olds use text-based services (such as email, MMS and SMS) to communicate on a daily basis, while 74 per cent of the same age group use voice-based services. In contrast for over 65s, voice-based services are more popular, 49% of people use voice-based services on a daily basis, while 21% use text-based services.

For the first time, the total call minutes made from mobile phones dropped. The number of text and picture messages sent grew to an average of 200 messages per person per month – a lot less than the thousands offered by network operators.

The information was from Ofcom’s ninth annual Communications Market Report, which analyses the UK communications sector finds include. Other interesting findings include:

Smartphone and tablet use is on the rise

Interestingly it seems tablet ownership in the UK is rising almost as quickly as that of smartphones, with 39 per cent of UK adults owning devices, a rise of 12 per cent. Tablet ownership is just 11 per cent, but has rised 9 per cent.

Data use has increased

Use of mobile data has doubled in the 18 months to January 2012, presumably following the introduction of all-you-can-eat tariffs like Three’s The One Plan or T-Mobile’s The Full Monty.

Mobile calls cast less

Mobile phones cost almost the same as as landline calls. The average cost of a mobile-originated voice call in 2011 was 8.5p a minute, 0.3p less than a landline call. 

Smartphones are being used more and more for web access

Four in text say smartphones are the most important way to access the internet. 57% for shopping, 30% for social networking, 23% for Twitter and 22% TV/film content.


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