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Office Mobile 2010 free upgrade: Collaboration and social networking on Win Mo 6.5

Office Mobile 2010 is now available for smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.5. This update, free to all all 6.5 phones which had a previous version of Office Mobile, brings Word, Excel and PowerPoint editability to the likes of the HTC HD2, Sony Ericsson X2 and the Samsung Omnia 2.

According to the press release published on Engadget, new features include the co-authoring of and collaboration on Office documents on the move and remote access to SharePoint intranet sites. Office Mobile 2010 will mostly be useful to people who want to make small edits to documents or take notes on the way to a meeting or after hours on the train.

Everyone loves a bit of social network aggregation on their phones and Windows Mobile users are no different, as another addition to Office Mobile 2010 is Microsoft Outlook Social Connector. This “brings communication history and social network feeds directly into Outlook.” So Windows Mobile 6.5 users who download this today can hopefully get involved with the #happybdayrpattz hashtag on the train ride back home.

Office Mobile 2010 can be downloaded from Windows Marketplace right now.


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