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Office Rush for iPhone and Android: Climb the corporate ladder, kill ninjas

Office Rush is a cool puzzler-platformer hybrid for iPhone and Android devices. It’s a curious meld of Shift’s nogging-scratching wrapped up in the pen and post-it notes stylings of games like Doodle Jump and Doodle Bowling.

The object of Office Rush is to climb the corporate ladder. You do this by starting from the bottom as a security guard, clearing pesky ninjas out of the loading bays. Like you do. After that, you rise to the lofty heights of secretary, where your job is to fetch cups off of coffee for your boss…

The levels of Office Rush are made up of three inter-connecting rooms, which you have to re-arrange in the manner of a sliding puzzle in order to get from A to B. The most obvious and direct route is usually blocked and it’s up to you to utilise your lateral thinking skills to succeed.

You use simple on screen controls to move left and right and jump across the platforms of various rooms. Double tap to zoom out to get a view of the bigger picture and slide the rooms into place as you see fit. Check out the video of the Android edition below to get a better idea of how it plays.

Office Rush is available for iPhone and iPad (iOS 3.0+) and Android (1.5+). The iPhone/iPad version costs £0.59 with the Android equivalent weighing it at the slightly more ‘spensive £0.62. Android phone owners however can try out the free Lite version in order to get a feel for the game first.


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