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Official Facebook app for iPad unofficially arrives, hidden in iPhone update

Well, it’s not out there to download to your iPad just yet, but if you know how to tinker around with third-party software and get into your iPad, you’ll be able to get a advance preview of how Facebook on the iPad, a long time coming, will look.

The iPad version is curiously hidden within a relatively small update to the iPhone version, that fixed a few bugs and problems created by the last update.

MG Siegler, over at Tech Crunch, has made the effort to play with the app, which looks like it’ll make the most of that gorgeous, expansive, tablet screen.

Like email and other social media apps on the iPad, the Facebook app uses a series of menus on the left side of the screen; not dissimilar to the website, but obviously tweaked to make the most of your finger-swipes and pokes.

You’ll be able to access online chat with Facebook friends, which we’re sure will hit its stride once the split keyboard found in iOS 5 arrive.


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