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Official: Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited/Comes With Music to power down end of 2011

Just as details of a new mobile music service appear to be emerging, we hear that an old one is shutting its doors.

Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited service is set to close its doors in the UK at the end of 2011. In a statement, Nokia says that “we plan to cease producing Ovi Music Unlimited-edition devices at the end of the year.”

Nokia will continue to offer the service in other countries like China, India and Indonesia where the service has proved popular.

But it’s curtains for the DRM-free all-you-can-eat service in the UK and other European markets.

Nokia says that existing customers will be able to download music as normal, until their subscription expires:

“Naturally, there will be no disruption to the service for our existing customers in these markets or anyone who in the future purchases an Ovi Music Unlimited-edition device from stores while stocks last – they can continue to enjoy unlimited downloads for the duration of their original Ovi Music Unlimited subscription and keep those tracks forever.

Ovi Music – our DRM-free, a-la-carte music store – is not affected in any way and music fans can continue to purchase music in 38 markets.”


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