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Official Pokemon apps coming to iPhone

The collosal juggernaut that is Pocket Monsters, looks set to come to the iPhone. According to Kotaku, PokemonSay Tap? BW is set for a summer release, and whilst it won’t be geared at Pokemon battles, will be more of a rhythm action game in which you time your taps to match the in-app music and Pokemon cards.

One of Nintendo’s strongest gaming properties, they look like they aren’t quite ready to cannibalise their own games sales on the likes of the Nintendo 3DS and forthcoming Wii U.

According to the official site, the game will arrive on both iTunes and the Android Market, meaning Android smartphones will also be able to get in on the Pokemania.

Added to this is news that another app from the license holder, The Pokemon Company, was reported to have gone live on the App Store earlier today, titled 

According to the app description, it apparently displayed clips from Pokemon movies. The app soon disappeared though, making it all the more intriguing.

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Source: Kotaku JP


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