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Official: Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) with NFC confirmed for UK, coming ‘later this year’

We’ve just heard back from Samsung who has confirmed that there will be a second, NFC-enabled version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) arriving in the UK later this year.

After promising that NFC would feature in the original line up of the Galaxy S2, Samsung did a u-turn on this back in April. Now it looks as though NFC is back on the menu, in the form of a sexed-up Special Edition style version of the dual-core Android phone.

So if you were despondent about the Nexus S being the only Android smartphone that could do cool NFC-related stuff (like share MP3s via bumping) on, then this news should brighten your day.

No idea on exactly when it’ll be arriving; we’ve just been told that a “an NFC version of the Galaxy S II will be launched later this year, to support the roll out of our network partners’ NFC services.”

By ‘network partners’, we assume that Samsung is referring to the deal inked with Orange. Along with the launch of the Wave 578, Samsung and Orange announced the arrival of NFC-enabled SIM cards back in February.

Though we weren’t able to glean a release date on this, Mobile Choice is saying June and is quoting a Samsung spokesperson.

Additionally, in January Orange announced that it’d be supporting SIM NFC payments by ‘this summer’, so we reckon that a June release date is highly likely.

Aside from when it’ll be out, we’re not taking bets here in Recombu Towers on what the NFC’ed up Galaxy S2 will actually be called.

We’re thinking either S2 Plus, the S2.2, the $2 (with the ‘S’ stylised to look like a dollar sign) or the more obvious and boring S2 NFC. What do you think the NFC version of the Galaxy S2 will be called?


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