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Official Wimbledon 2011 app out now for iPhones and iPads

Anyone see that BBC News report the other day that explained where tennis racquet strings come from? Short answer: cows guts. That’s all this writer will be thinking about during Wimbledon 2011. Fuzzy balls rhythmically thwacking against dried and stretched cow guts.

For those of you in possession of an iPhone and a more enthusiastic outlook on this quintessentially British summer sport, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the official Wimbledon app is available to download right now from the App Store.

This free app constantly updates with scores, schedules and on-demand videos and refreshes every 30 seconds. There’s also three radio stations that you can stream from the app – Radio Wimbledon, Centre Court and Court No.1 – and if you have a question or comment you can shout out using the Ask The Booth form.

There’ll also be on-demand video content for you to enjoy, although at the time of writing the only things available was some round up footage from Wimbledon 2010. We’re assuming that this will be replaced with all manner of highlights, round ups and the amazing sounds of Venus Williams.

The app is only available for devices running iOS 4 and above and costs precisely nowt. Strawberries and cream not included.


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