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OmniEye turns your Android phone into a remote surveillance hub

Calling Sauron, Big Brother and Adam J. Susan; we have an app for you guys. OmniEye for Android allows you to link your phone up to webcams set up around the home, turning your handset into a remote surveillance hub.

So if your co-workers keep lifting from your precious collection of minibar hoardings or keep trying to steal your GN’R 7-inch, with the help of OmniEye you should be able to catch the thieving little hobbitses red handed. More sensibly, you could use it to keep an eye on your car or make sure your new pet isn’t tearing the kitchen apart while you’re at work.

Webcam feeds are uploaded to a cloud where you can access them from your phone. You can access feeds at any time provided there’s adequate 3G signal or you’re near a Wi-Fi point.

The first step is to register for an OmniEye account which you can do by downloading the app from the Android Market. After you’ve registered you’ll need to download and install the PC software (click here). Then simply hook up as many webcams as you want, run the OmniEye desktop app and click Stream. You should see a list of video feeds available to choose from in the main menu of the app.

Theoretically there isn’t a limit to the number of live feeds you can set up, although you can only obviously have as many feeds as your computer or laptop has USB ports.

OmniEye comes in two varities, Pro (full/paid) and Lite (free). The Lite version only allows you to view live feeds from your webcams. More advanced features such as recording live feeds, scheduling and saving recordings, and the option to view feeds at a higher resolution are only available in the Pro version.

The PC client is currently Windows-only but the developer’s site says that a Mac version is in the pipeline, so Mac owners who have opted for an Android device over the iPhone won’t be left out.


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