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12 Apps for Christmas: Onavo Extend

This Christmas a lot of us will be using smartphones – many will be given as presents, for others sitting on the sofa tapping away on a handset, will provide a escaping briefly from family commitments. If you’re going to be using the internet or apps on your phone over data during the Christmas period, our app of the day will save you money.

Onovo Extend is an app that can extend your monthly data allowance, by using data compression technology to reduce the amount of data you consume. Because less data is being used, you’ve got less chance of reaching and exceeding your monthly data allowance, saving you money and enabling you to browse and use apps for longer.

Onavo works in the background, compressing data where it can, so for example using the Starbucks app might use 6MB of data, which Onavo compresses it to 2MB – a saving of 4MB. If you’ve got a lot of apps, you use regularly the savings can quickly mount up.

You’ll be asked to install a profile and you’ll see a VPN symbol in the top status bar, it doesn’t over WiFI though, so you’ll need to make sure you turn off your radio to make savings away from your home network.

Onavo Extend grab 1

Although the app lets you can choose the level of compression for images and whether you want to compress emails, there’s less flexibility on what you can actually compress than rival apps like Snappli.

Onavo Extend includes monthly saving reports – so you can instantly see how much data (and money) it is saving and which apps are the most data hungry, (interestingly bigger savings are often made with smaller apps) his enables you to monitor usage and stop using certain apps if necessary.

onavo extend 2

Onavo Extend should be an essential download for anyone with an iPhone and data plan. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require any effort and you can immediately see how data – and money – is being saved.  As an added bonus, it also works abroad, helping prevent bill shock away from home.

Onavo Extend is available now for Android and iOS and is free.


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