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Onavo launch Android version of prize-winning iPhone app

The geniuses behind data squeezing app Onavo have brought across a retweaked version for Android phones.

Whilst they haven’t got compression options on Android just yet – with all those different phones and specifications it’s a bigger job – what the app does is attempt to corral all the different apps that can often ride on your data allowance hard. (We’re looking at you, Pulse.)

You can now opt to block specific apps from using a 3G connection, or block them once you’ve hit a certain threshold. The app can also warn when you’re approaching your data limit, and track your daily usage. Apps can also be switched to WiFi-exclusive use.

The app is also promising to suggest the best value data offers depending on your phone network, though this still needs some tweaking.

“We are all addicted to data, but like junkies we don’t stop and count the cost – we just want our hit,” said Onavo co-founder CEO Guy Rosen, “We founded Onavo to put consumers in control of their data usage.

“With capped plans now the norm, we’re here to remove the confusion and baffling small print to make it clear and simple. Then we can help people stop the wasted expense.”

Commenting on the differences with Android: “The flip side of Android’s openness is that apps are free to use up mobile data without any accountability. Just power up your phone and a hundred apps could spring to life and eat up your data plan. Onavo Lite makes it easy for you to finally understand – and have a say in – what gets to use your data plan. “

Fear not, the compression feature we raved about in the iPhone version is coming soon, the co-founder added: “Even without compressing data – a feature which is coming soon – we felt Android users urgently needed the control offered by Onavo Lite.”

The app is free to download below.


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