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OnePlus 2 unboxing video

For the small fraction of you who may have landed a OnePlus 2 invite, congratulations, for everyone else, here’s what you’ll find inside that eye-catching red box.

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The OnePlus One boasted a particularly satisfying unboxing experience and whilst the OnePlus 2 comes in a smaller package, the enjoyment factor hasn’t diminished at all. The box boasts the same rubberised feel with an embossed number ‘2’ on the top face.

Slide off the lid and the phone greets you, wrapped in translucent cellophane with the names of key hardware details written on it. There’s a cut-out in the plastic for the power button so you can keep the phone wrapped whilst your power it on for the first time should you wish.

Underneath the phone tray you’ll find the obligatory quick start and user guides followed by a region specific USB power adapter and OnePlus’ patented new Type-C USB lead, which not only features a reversible port for the phone, but on the opposing end as well for added convenience. OnePlus has also continued the ribbon cable trend from the One, so the lead shouldn’t twist, tangle or break anywhere near as easily as the iPhone Lightning lead does.

OnePlus 2 invitees will be able to get their hands on the phone starting August 11th, whilst the company continues to unveil new ways of offering up its ‘flagship killer’ elsewhere, such as the exclusive retail sale taking place at the Colette boutique in Paris for one day only.


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