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OnePlus 3T killed off: Last chance to own OnePlus’ flagship phone

The OnePlus 3T is being discontinued very soon, ahead of the OnePlus 5 launch this summer. So if you want to grab yourself this brilliant handset, you’ll have to act fast.

We’ve known for a while that the OnePlus 5 is very close to being launched. In fact we’re expecting to see this all-new handset, the first OnePlus phone to launch of 2017, unveiled in the next month or so.

Which is why OnePlus has decided to discontinue the OnePlus 3T. After all, the OnePlus 5 is designed to replace the 3T as the company’s brand new flagship device.

OnePlus has warned that the mobile will be out of stock from June 1, giving potential buyers just a week to grab their slice of history. In fact, the phone stock may be wiped out before that date, as OnePlus’ latest blog post states:

“This is the last call to buy the OnePlus 3T before stock runs out. Only a few devices are left in our warehouse, so purchase yours before time runs out at”

Of course, you might wonder if buying the 3T is so wise, if the phone is to be discontinued. After all, will OnePlus continue to support the handset once it’s no longer available and the 5 is released? Well, OnePlus addressed that issue in the blog post too:

“Rest assured that we’ll continue to bring more software updates and support to the OnePlus 3 and 3T”. Phew.

We absolutely love the 3T here at Recombu, to the point where we named it our favourite phone of 2016. The reason for that was the stunning value for money on offer. For almost half the price of most flagship devices, you got a gorgeous display, top-end performance and some solid features.

Of course, we’re now waiting not too patiently for the arrival of the OnePlus 5, which offers even greater things. The latest Snapdragon 835 chipset has been promised, as has an all-new camera created in collaboration with optics expert DxO Labs.

Check out our complete OnePlus 3T hub for all you need to know about this brilliant mobile phone.


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