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OnePlus is launching new hardware in April that isn’t a smartwatch or a tablet

OnePlus, maker of the giant-killing OnePlus One, has announced plans to release a new product in April but, in typically off-beat fashion, the company has decided to keep quiet about what the product will be.

OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, confirmed the company’s plans to introduce something new in the next few weeks and elucidated…to a point, stating that the new item wouldn’t be a tablet or a smartwatch. He stopped short of revealing exactly what they had in store though, preferring instead to leave it to people’s imaginations (and generate a bit of intrigue in the process).

There has been plenty of speculation regarding what the mystery item could be since Mr Pei’s announcement, with users expecting anything from a fitness wearable to a Chromecast-style media streamer, and lots in between. However, no one will know what’s in store until it officially launches…or until it shows up on the site to tempt users who won’t actually be able to buy it.

OnePlus also confirmed the highly anticipated OnePlus Two and stated that the follow-up to the successful OnePlus One would launch in Q2 or Q3 of 2015 though, again, no concrete details were shared.

There has been speculation that the OnePlus Two will see a radical design change and, possibly, an increase in price, which could hurt its overall appeal. We’ll find out more in a few weeks’ time though, when the device goes from drawing board to production line.

What do you think OnePlus is planning to launch next month? Will it be a wearable? A Smart TV? Let us know below.


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