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OnePlus X: In a nutshell

The OnePlus X, OnePlus’ third smartphone, is set to launch just a couple of months after the OnePlus 2 hit retail. So, what’s the difference and what do we know about the OnePlus X’s specs, UK price and release date?

So far little is known about the OnePlus X, beyond the usual web rumours. Leaks point to another 5.5-inch smartphone like the OnePlus 2, once again packing a Full HD 1920×1080 resolution. However, the screen is now rumoured to support Force Touch technology, also found on recent Huawei and ZTE handsets as well as Apple’s iPhone 6s (in the form of 3D Touch).

It looks like the OnePlus 2’s Snapdragon 810 might also be ditched in favour of a MediaTek chip if other rumours are to be believed, although the 13-megapixel snapper is still in place. We’re really hoping to see NFC, microSD storage expansion and wireless charging included in this model too, three features sorely missed from the OnePlus 2.

We know that the OnePlus X will launch worldwide on October 29th and it’s safe to assume that the phone will only be available through OnePlus’ slightly infuriating online ballet system. So far the invitation-only retail method and production issues have disappointed fans, many of whom are still waiting for their OnePlus 2 or that all-important invite to turn up. Here’s hoping things run more smoothly for the OnePlus X. If so, expect it to hit the UK in November.

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