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Onion News Network app comes to Android, walks on Moon

This just in: The ONN – Onion News Network – app is now available to download from the Android Market, bringing “America’s Finest News Source” to your pocket.

Sponsored by HTC, the ONN app brings you some of the best of the Onion’s video content in one convenient app, including a pair of adverts for the HTC Aria on AT&T – i.e. not available in the UK. We presume that these ads are non-satirical.

The app includes two recent gems from Tech Trends; the Apple Friend Bar and the new Google in-conversation voice ads. Other Onion mainstays like O-Span and Today Now! are included.

There’s also a contact form where you can email suggestions for future updates – the app is currently in version 1.0 and the Onion wants to hear from you. Personally we’d like to see content from the A.V. Club coming to Android. Yeah we know there’s an iPhone/iPad version already.

While the app is free, you’ll probably want to download it over Wi-Fi as it’s a fairly chunky 3.36MB in size.

As well as giving you access to all of the Onion’s best video content the ONN app also doubles your phone’s battery life, automatically updates whatever version of the software it’s running to Android 3.1/Honeycomb and gives you unlimited internet forever.* Take that iPhone 4.



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