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OnLive cloud-gaming service launches today

Cloud-gaming service OnLive debuts in the UK today, a subscription gaming service that lets you play a wide selection of games using a PC, Mac or Smartphone, orr via television using the OnLive Game System.

All demo games are free. Prices start at £34.99 for a full games like Homefront and Assassins Creed Brotherhood, sign up for free on the website today and you’ll get your first game for £1. Alternatively you can rent games: DiRT 3 costs £3.99 for three days and £5.99 for five days.


For £6.99 you can access the PlayPack Bundle which offers unlimited play of 100+ games, most of them sightly older titles including Homefront, F.E.A.R, Borderlands, Lego Batman and Bioshock.

OnLive has also announced a partnership with Game to sell it’s products and services in game stores. Free demoes will be available on Game and if you want to continue playing, you are directed to play the game via OnLive using a credit card or Game points, or buy the game on another platform.

BT has also announced broadband customers will get a 3-month free trial of OnLive, it’s open to any customer aged 18 or over by signing up here by January 20th.

We’ve downloaded OnLive and we’ll bring you our first impressions later today, find out more information or sign up here.