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OnLive Desktop iPad app: free access to Windows apps from the cloud

OnLive is introducing a new app for iPad. The OnLive Destktop app provides access to  a full suite of Windows 7 applications, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which are hosted in the cloud, totally free.

OnLive Desktop uses the same powerful network used the company’s cloud-based gaming service, which launched in the UK last year.  This means the OnLive Destktop app is also powerful enough to support features on the iPad that you typically needed a PC to use, including: HD video, animations and PC video games, along with multitouch gestures, handwriting recognition and the Windows keyboard.

OnLive founder Steve Perlman comments:“OnLive Desktop is the first app to deliver a no-compromise, media-rich Windows desktop experience to iPad, opening up powerful new possibilities for consumers and businesses,”

“iPad users will now be able to simply and securely view and edit cloud-hosted documents with full-featured Windows desktop applications like Microsoft Office, just as if they were using a local high-performance PC.’

The OnLive Desktop app is totally free and users get 2GB cloud storage and access to full Windows 7 desktop with  PowerPoint, Word and Excel, apps and (as yet unspecified games).

OnLive Pro is also being introduced offering 50GB of storage for $9.99 a month, including priority access, cloud-accelerated browsing and other PC apps.

OnLive Desktop app will launching initially on Apple iPad, with Android smartphone, PC, Mac and monitor support coming via OnLive MicroConsole.  OnLive Enterprise is a business offering, where thousands of users can access the information securely, sharing data from a document to virtual white board.

The OnLive Desktop app will be available in the US this week and coming to UK later this year, although an OnLive spokesman wasn’t able to confirm the specific date

We’re really excited by OnLive Desktop, it has the potential to change the way we work. On a basic level, as long as you’ve got a network and you can access a full version of Office on your iPad for free making it’s a serious alternative to Google Docs and Pages for working on the move. However it’s multimedia capability could be a game changer; imagine being able to be able to remotely run PowerPoint presentations with multimedia content, such as video and graphics? We’ll bring you a full review and images when we get more information.

You’ll be able to find out more at although the website hasn’t gone live in the UK yet.

Pic: Gamespress


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