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OnLive UK to bring console-standard gaming to tablets: Sign-up goes live today

Interested in running high-end PC games on your tablet or PC, even if it doesn’t have the laterst graphics card and high-end processor?

 OnLive is the answer, and registration for gamer IDs is set to go live today in the UK, where you’ll also gain early access to the service.

OnLive works by streaming all the gaming and graphics from powerhouse servers in Somewhere-ville. You get the gameplay on-screen, and , depending on connection, you’ll get it at 30 frames per second.

Enter into OnLive, and you’ll be able to watch other players play their game, or browse and play your own games. These can be either rented or purchased, and you’ll be able to play them on any device that can run OnLive just by logging in.

There are other content options like OnLive PlayPack; which will give unlimited access to more than fifty games currently in their online store.

Engadget have already had a chance to try the cloud gaming magic; and they tried it on a HTC Flyer. This has to be seen to be believed!


OnLive has also revealed its own dedicated controllers, looking similar to the XBox controllers we know and love. In fact, any XBox 360-compatible controllers will work with the OnLive service.

You can sign-up later tonight here. We’ll be there, refreshing that webpage with the rest of you. Bad news; it won’t be useable until autumn.


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