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Open webOS 1.0 to arrive September 2012

After last month’s bare-bones announcement that HP would open-source webOS, it appears we’ve finally had some meat to flesh out the story, and so long as you don’t mind a bit of a wait, it’s pretty exciting.

Renamed Open webOS 1.0, the platform will be fully open-sourced by September. For anyone who doesn’t want to wait that long to get stuck in, Enyo Framework, the free tool for writing webOS apps lands today in its latest guise capable of writing apps for tablets, mobiles and also desktop browsers. Yes, desktop browsers. To complement the support for WebKit we’ve see thus far, this unexpected touch will make writing Open webOS apps a more attractive proposition for developers.

Having upped the attractiveness for developers, HP have also moved Open webOS to a standard Linux kernel, thus upping the accessibility for manufacturers as well. What this means is that any manufacturers who have developed for the Linux platform (such as Android) will be less tentative to get their hands dirty with Open webOS.

You can download Enyo now and look forward to Open webOS 1.0 this September.

Source: HP Via: Engadget


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