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Opera Mini 5 beta comes to Android

Last Thursday we saw Opera Mini 5 beta coming to Windows Mobile and now it’s Android’s turn. Wonders such as tabbed browsing and Opera Mini’s signature ‘Speed Dial’ feature – a list of all of your favourite shortcuts arranged into a handy grid – are now available for Android punters. This is a welcome update to the old Opera Mini 4.2, which we’d ditched in favour of the new kid on the block, Dolphin Browser (which features tabbed browsing along with some other nice features).

As you can see in the image to the right, you can customise the Speed Dial page with shortcuts to your favourite sites. At the moment it looks as though you can only assign three shortcuts. We couldn’t change the links to the New York Times and Facebook etc – the option to change the start page appeared to be greyed out in the settings page. We assume that once it’s out of beta you’ll be able to fully customise the start page.

What we really like is the little ‘.com’ button that’s been added to the Android keyboard. This makes typing url’s into the browser window much quicker.

As with the version that was rolled out to Windows Mobile last week, we’re told that the new edition of Opera Mini is less data-hungry than previous incarnations. Good to know if you’re on a limited data plan.

You can download Opera Mini 5 beta on your Android phone either from the Android Market or heading over to on your phone’s browser.