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Opera Mobile Store for Symbian, Java, Android, BlackBerry and Palm: Another mobile app store

Hey kids, guess what? There’s another mobile app store in town; Opera Mobile Store. Sarky introductions aside, this actually looks kind of interesting, especially to those who use Opera Mobile as their phone’s default browser.

Which, we’re guessing, is a lot of people, seeing as how Opera Mini and Mobile are generally preferable/faster than many phone’s default browsers.

Opera Mobile Store is a cross-platform app store that comes built in to Opera Mini or Opera Mobile. It allows you to search for apps on Symbian and Java phones as well as Android, BlackBerry and Palm phones, through the Opera browser.

Admittedly, it won’t be of much interest to people in the latter category, who can already search for apps on the Market, App World and App Catalog.

But for those who’ve had problems getting to grips with the Ovi Store and those who want a dedicated shop for Java apps, Opera Mobile Store will be worth checking out.

You can download both free and paid apps from Opera Mobile Store, with payments made via credit or debit card. You can choose to manually enter your details each time or have the option to save them for future purchases. Credit card payments are made to Appia (formerly PocketGear), who powers the Opera Mobile Store. If your network allows it, you can also opt to pay with mobile payments, though we couldn’t get this to work on our Nexus One with an O2 sim in it.

You can access Opera Mobile Store by clicking here on your phone’s browser, or downloading the latest version of Opera Mini or Opera Mobile for your phone.

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