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Oppo reveals a new under-display selfie camera that doesn’t compromise on screen quality

Oppo has just unveiled a selfie camera that’s subtly hidden behind the screen, without incurring a downgrade the display.

While smartphone screens are constantly getting better, it’s still frustrating that the screen is always interrupted by the notch or holepunch needed to house that all-important selfie camera. However, Oppo has just unveiled a potential game-changer with this new technology that renders the under-screen lens almost undetectable when the screen is on.

Here’s how it looks when you’re leafing through an eBook:

Image Credit: Oppo

The effect is achieved through innovations in both hardware and software that disguise the glass directly above the hidden camera and reduce the  glare effect when it comes to photography.

The first such change to be ushered in is an “innovative pixel geometry”, meaning that each pixel has been shrunk down without the overall pixel count being reduced, which is intended to maintain a uniform 400 pixels per inch ratio across the screen and even on the camera area.

Next, traditional screen wiring has been thinned down by 50% and replaced with a transparent alternative in order to achieve “finer display quality with a smoother visual experience.”

Finally, there have been general improvements made to the screen accuracy, colour, and brightness that have enhanced its quality, most particularly by introducing one pixel circuit per pixel (twice the industry standard 2-to-1 ratio) which not only brings in a visual improvement but is also said to lengthen the screen’s lifespan by up to 50% according to Oppo.

But that’s just the screen of course; more potential problems emerge from the photographic side of things, as the sheet of glass above the lens can cause undesirable blur or glare. To that end, Oppo has employed AI diffraction tech to lessen these unwanted effects, and you can judge the results for yourself in this sample image:

Image Credit: Oppo

It seems like Oppo’s implementation of the tech is a great improvement over previous efforts, where the panel of the screen containing the camera has been rather obvious due to a discolouration, and the image sample from the camera looks like a promising start. It surely can’t be long now before smartphones ditch that ugly notch for good, and return to offering us the real full screen experience.



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