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Optimus 3D coming to the UK. Vodafone and Three to stock.

The dual-processor, dual-camera Optimus 3D will be stocked by both Three and Vodafone when it hits these shores.

Speaking to Pocket Lint, Vodaphone told the gadget website very matter-of-factly that. “It will come to Vodafone. As soon as it’s launched, we will bring it to the UK.”

No mincing of words there, then, but nothing official on prices or dates, and with no official photos out yet, it looks like we’ll have to wait until the phone’s official release at Mobile World Congress to have a proper look and play with it.

The Optimus 3D looks to stand out from the crowd of phones on show this month with its twin cameras, giving us the chance to make our own 3D media. These can then be shown off on the phone’s no-glasses 3D screen, or even ported through HDMI to your TV.

Three spilt the beans on Twitter, linking to that so-awful-it’s-good Optimus 3D teaser video.
Sadly, they were also tight-lipped over dates and prices. We’ll bring you more about the Optimus 3D from its debut at MWC.


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